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Daily Childcare Pricing Flexible Times, weekends, evenings & overnight

Our Childcare Pricing Plan

No more paying for days you don't use. We're the daycare for people with varied schedules. 8 to 5 is not the typical work schedule in this town. We are here to help nurses, restaurant workers, entertainment employees, fire fighters, police officers and many other professions that work all hours of the day.

Tip Top Child Membership: $20/month per family

Much like a gym membership this keeps your children active in our system. This allows us to provide flexible schedules for parents whose schedules change frequently or if you'd like to bring your child in only a few times a month. Many parents start their work days at 4 or 5 am, we offer child care for that schedule. If you need a day to run errands you can call and see when we have an opening to drop your child off for a day or if you'd like to go out on the town you can schedule an over night stay. You must have an active paid membership to use our services.

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TTC Member benefits:

  • Per family membership up to 5 children.
  • Call 24 hours ahead to schedule your child.
  • No charge if you cancel 2 hours ahead of drop off time. Prepaid days will be credited to your account.
  • As long as we are not at capacity we'll make room.
  • Child care a few days a month to everyday
  • Open most Holidays
  • No minimum days.

Pre-scheduled Daily Pricing:

To qualify for this rate you must schedule at least 24 hours ahead of your drop off time. Some parents have a set schedule or submit their flexible schedule a week prior.

  • $38/day for up to nine hours
  • $41/day for 10 hours
  • $44/day for 11 hours
  • $46/day for up to 12 hours

What is included:

Includes breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, plus up to two snack, Tip Top Parent Portal to send and receive messages with your child's teacher.

Pre-scheduled Infant Daily Pricing:

Due to recent changes by the Nevada Child Care Licensing to one teacher per four infants we need to charge a higher price for infants.

  • $42/day for up to nine hours
  • $44/day for 10 hours
  • $46/day for 11 hours
  • $48/day for up to 12 hours

What is included:

Each infant has it's own crib in our fully inclusive infant room. Bring your infants own formula and food, an extra set of clothes, wipes and diapers and pacifiers.

Child Care Registration

We have tried to make registration as easy as possible. Simply start your registration online then we will contact you to finish the details. You will then have access to the parent portal to make payments, message the teacher and see pictures.

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Tip Top Child Development Center

Welcome to our Las Vegas's 24 hour chld care service. Your child's safety, education, development, goals and overall well being are of the utmost importance to us. We will strive to create a safe learning environment where your child can learn and grow into the person that they dream of becoming. A place where they feel free to express themselves in a natural way. A place where they love to be and where you feel comfortable leaving them. Our commitment is to your family. We promise to provide the best possible care for your child. Let our family care for your family.

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