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We offer daily activities to help your child grow and learn

Our child care curriculum

We want to help your child grow and learn the skills they need to have a productive life. Children learn best during these development years.This is a list of child skills we focus on. Our teachers plan lessons and fun activities to encourage growth and learning.

Cognitive Development:

This is a math concept area. Anything dealing with patterns, sorting, size sequence, opposites, matching (either exact or by relationship- calf to cow), time concepts, memory recall (items taken from a group), order (first to last) or more vs less are in this area of learning. Activities that incorporate these concepts will be planned.

Language Arts:

This is an English concept area. Some things that fit in this area are story sequence, understanding the plot, vocabulary development, sentence structure, rhyming, recognizing/printing own name, letter to sound matching and knowing full name, address, phone number and age. These concepts are taught at different levels to provide a challenge with an attainable goal.

Science/Nature Studies:

This is an exploration area. Some of the activities that are planned for developing this area are noticing a problem (what's wrong?), wondering why, cause and effect, any learning about animals, all elements of water and what it does, chemical reactions (baking soda and vinegar) and any type of experimenting done on their own.

Social Sciences:

This is an area that explores self learning. Self identity in all situations, such as school, home, with friends, ect is an important part of child development. Developing imaginary play, dramatic play, recognizing emotions and participating in group activities are all integral parts of self identity and therefore important parts of this area.

Creative Art:

In this area art must be free flowing. This means that there should not be preconceived notions of how it should look as a finished piece. The use of many different materials and formats provide for a creative process rather than a "cut and paste" product. No work sheets, coloring pages or any preprinted material will be used in this area.


In this area children will learn about different types of music, develop rhythm and tempo, identify specific instruments and recognize and request certain familiar songs. This is a great area to have fun and play also. Singing and dancing are fun ways for the children to learn self expression.

Gross Motor Activities:

This area should work on the large muscles. Running, jumping, crawling, throwing, catching, bouncing and hopping are just some activities we do in this area. These activities are best done outside so that there is plenty of space for these muscles to move! These activities will help develop hand eye coordination and multi tasking.

Fine Motor Skills:

This area involves the coordination of small muscle groups. Activities for this area include puzzles, stringing beads, manipulating small objects (felt board) all done to increase hand eye coordination and dexterity. This is an area where cutting and pasting and coloring in the lines will be implemented.

Self Help Skills:

This is an area commonly referred to as Life Skills. Children will learn skills that will be useful in everyday life. Shoe tying, teeth brushing, handwashing, cleaning up and putting on a jacket are some of the skills that fit into this category.

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Welcome to our Las Vegas's 24 hour chld care service. Your child's safety, education, development, goals and overall well being are of the utmost importance to us. We will strive to create a safe learning environment where your child can learn and grow into the person that they dream of becoming. A place where they feel free to express themselves in a natural way. A place where they love to be and where you feel comfortable leaving them. Our commitment is to your family. We promise to provide the best possible care for your child. Let our family care for your family.

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