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Kids Can Be Social without Media

Parents can have a fair amount of anxiety about leaving their children at child care. Every parent wants to ensure that their children are safe and are around positive influences. While every parent can rest assured in the expertise and care of Tip Top Child Development’s staff, there is a further assurance in the social benefits that every child gains.

Adults tend to think of play as being idle time, but there are benefits that are easily overlooked. For example, we highly value the lessons learned by participation in high school athletics. Does it not stand to reason that similar values are absorbed when young children play games together? Structured and supervised play helps children develop teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Children in a child development environment will be engaged as a group in activities like art projects, for example. Sitting across from another child and sharing glue, crayons, paints, etc., develops at an early age the same cooperation skills we need to utilize in business, especially in sharing concepts. People in a professional environment who participate in meetings can be very effective if they are skilled at hearing someone’s ideas, adding to them, and sharing them back. The younger we start building that foundation, the more effective those children will be in adulthood.

When human beings of any age are together for a considerable length, we discover that we cannot always get our way. Learning this at the earliest age possible saves us a lot of grief in later years.

When children are together in a group environment, there will inevitably be disagreements and hurt feelings at times. With trained and vigilant staff supervising children, these are great opportunities for communicating feelings to others outside the immediate family. Everyone remembers those early childhood moments of learning to apologize and accept forgiveness. These socialization skills are critical for growing into well-balanced human beings as they are foundational for learning compassion.

All of these are social skills, and none of them are learned with a device in the child’s hands. Even though our society has grown into a state of social media being indispensable and integrated into daily life, humans learn social skills in personal interaction and in a structured, social environment. Tip Top Child Development Center helps provide such an environment, which should help relieve much of the anxiety associated with entrusting your child or children into our capable hands.

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