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24 hour Child care registration waiting list for infant to school age.

Daycare Registration

Whether you plan to bring your child to Tip Top Child everyday or only a few times a month they must be registered ahead of time and your TTC Membership needs to be current. Follow these steps to complete the enrollment process.

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How To Complete Registration:

These items must be completed prior to leaving your child at Tip Top Child Development Center. If you have any questions please call 702-476-4698.

  • Click Here to Download State Required Forms (You could also pick them up at Tip Top)
  • FIRST: Print one set of forms for each child. Complete and sign.
  • SECOND: Complete the online enrollment form below.
  • THIRD: $20 monthly membership fee and pre-payment of the first week of care is due prior to starting.

ATTENTION: Urban League Does Not Pays 100% of Tuition. They cover a portion of the fee, you will be responsible for the difference. If you receive a subsity you will need to pay full price until we receive your paperwork. We will credit your account with any back pay.

Childcare Enrollment Form

After submitting registration your child will be put on our waiting list and we will contact you to finish the process with in 24 hours. You can then take a tour and finish your registration. If you have any questions please call 702-476-4698 or email

Tip Top Child Development Center

Welcome to our Las Vegas's 24 hour chld care service. Your child's safety, education, development, goals and overall well being are of the utmost importance to us. We will strive to create a safe learning environment where your child can learn and grow into the person that they dream of becoming. A place where they feel free to express themselves in a natural way. A place where they love to be and where you feel comfortable leaving them. Our commitment is to your family. We promise to provide the best possible care for your child. Let our family care for your family.

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